(Chicago, IL) May 15, 2020 – Today, MBOS, Inc. announced the release of its Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) service to hospitals. The CDI program is built from the ground up using MBOS’ intimate knowledge of the revenue cycle and denial management workflow.  MBOS has over 20 years of partnering with hospitals of every size; from community, safety-net hospitals to large academic medical centers. Hospitals rely on complete documentation for quality measures and payer reimbursement.

“We decided to develop this much needed service line to fill a gap in the middle revenue cycle space that is so important to overall financial health of every hospital in the country” said Jake Mathew, CEO/President of MBOS. MBOS’ long-standing tradition of quality services at competitive prices is what makes MBOS a natural choice to address essential workflow processes that impact each component of the revenue cycle continuum. “We have seen far too many denials come through that were the result of an avoidable lack of complete documentation. This causes hospitals to leave what would have been proper reimbursement from payers, but instead hospitals are missing this much needed revenue”, Mathew says.

Mathew also stated, “What makes our CDI program unique is that we focus on telling the full and complete patient story and work with hospital executives through a behavior modification model. This model addresses head-on the downstream problems also associated with poor documentation. Our CDI program is geared for long-term success through multidisciplinary communication and breaking down the current silos that cause disruption in the revenue cycle of most hospitals today.”

MBOS is also announcing the appointment of long-time healthcare veteran, Craig Mills, to the role of Director of Sales for CDI and Revenue Cycle Services. Mr. Mills has spent nearly 20 years working with hospitals across the country to improve revenue cycle processes with companies like Optum, Change Healthcare and Nuance.  For more information about this press release or for information about MBOS’ new CDI program, please contact Craig Mills at 225-478-9999 or cmills@mbosinc.com.