Clinical Documentation Improvement - CDI Approach

At MBOS, we know how documentation affects your compliance scores and after 15 years of providing revenue cycle services to many of the leading healthcare providers in the U.S., we have first-hand experience with how your documentation also affects the financial health of your organization. MBOS’ unique position in the back-end revenue cycle gives us visibility on how the efficiencies (or inefficiencies) of the middle revenue cycle impact your organization.

With DHH’s renewed emphasis on improper payments and the impact of coding and documentation*, you need a partner that truly understands the downstream results of these challenges. Our experience has shown us that many hospitals struggle with denials management, but don’t consider CDI as a critical component of this process. We take a holistic view of the entire workflow to discover the root causes of your compliance and reimbursement challenges that are impacted by the documentation continuum.


Once the root cause has been identified, MBOS sets out to partner with your providers and ancillary staff to break down the silos that exist in the CDI process. Our experts take a “heart of a teacher” approach to disseminating information that truly impacts your organization’s performance. This makes for a more unified, results-driven team approach to tell the full patient story.


Even in the most mature CDI environments, stagnation can exist through unchecked processes that have been formed through years of doing it “Our Way”. The world of value-based reimbursements will change the way you approach your current documentation efforts. MBOS can take you from Good to Great and lay a solid foundation for success in the VBP world.


MBOS provides CDI services for long-term success and when people and processes are working together, your organization can thrive…and MBOS will be your partner to help you navigate the future of healthcare reimbursement.


Telling the patient story accurately, fully and in a timely fashion will produce results you can rely on.


* Supplement to the annual Department of Health and Human Services Agency Financial Report, FY 2018